Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some Stormwatch photos

Following a discussion on Breakables about Maggie's Stormy, I thought I might put up some photos of other Stormys that I have finished. (They have all been spoken for, but they have not all been finished yet. They take me a long time and I can't do them back to back :))
First is one that I wish I had a better picture of, he is the Stormy that I did for Karen Grimm when she came and tiled my kitchen floor. She bought the supplies, we did the work together,and I made the horse for her in trade. Of course, Karen loved Appaloosas, so he is a few spot Appy. He is much prettier with a blue or colored background, but I didn't have time to take more pic before he went home with her. He is the only Stormy that I didn't give a name to before he left.

He is also in a satin finish, unusual for a Stormwatch. Karen passed away from cancer, in May.


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  1. Good lord, Joanie! He is simply stunning. I had no idea.

    Did you in fact name my Storm? I would have happily kept his name had I known it! Gad, I hope I didn't overlook a post with his name...