Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yesterday's kiln load...

Yesterday's kiln load was full of fun... and this guy is the class clown of the lot! He's a chestnut splash Dafydd... splash isn't something that I commonly do, but I happened to find a whole website full of splash Welsh ponies and it inspired me!

 He's not the same type as they are (I think they are Sec As and I think he is more like a Sec C?) but Lesli says that she does have a photo of a splash in the larger 'horse' type. Anyway, he has a lot of work on his mane especially. That layering took three firings to get the colors right. Each color (starting with the darkest and deepest) was applied, then removed in areas, applied again, removed again, until it was built up to the lighter color which was sprayed over all. His face also has a lot of depth in the pinks, accenting his super crispy detail. He was the third or fourth casting out of the new mold, so he's as nice as they come!
He is looking for a new owner over on MHSP ! (update: SOLD!)

Friday, September 17, 2010

What's Old is New Again

Hadrian was one of the Pour Horse minis, produced in 2003. He was sculpted by the incredible Sarah Rose, and is a delightfully well behaved Dales Pony. I did a few hundred of them, give or take a dozen. (have to look up the stats later and do a post on the OFs) He was a lot of fun, but I didn't do many glaze customs, in proportion to the bisques and OF bays. Here are photos of one custom Appy that I did a while back.

What breed is this guy? Heck if I know. The owner liked him, that's what counts. She can figure it out!