Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bay Sabino Limerick

He's sold, but I am testing the new background. My old background, solid blue, was too turquoise and too strong, and it made all of my photos look bluish. I'm no good at adjusting color in a program, I would rather have a background that doesn't fool the camera into thinking that everything should be blue. So I took the background out to the workshop and sprayed clouds on it... I like it better. It's like a summer sky.

What do you think, is it an improvement?

So now I need finer grained 'ground' and it should be an improvement...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Prepare to SQUEAL!

When I first saw Kelly Savage's Little One, I felt that it would be terrific in ceramic... and my instincts were right! Here are the first two, fresh out of the kiln this morning. The pictures don't do them justice, they are both wonderful, but you can click on the photos for larger versions so you can see the clinky goodness...

This little chestnut one is how I pictured Little One in my head...

The bay tobiano is adorable, and in person you can see the shading better...

Two more are in the kiln right now, and then they will all be sold. There's a lighter chestnut, and a buckskin minimal tobiano. If you would like to ask for a specific color on Little One, send me an email with "Little One" in the subject line, and the color(s) you picture her in, in the email.(mold40 (at) roadrunner (dot) com) I will do my best to fill at least most of the orders. Little One is going to be in the $300 range, some a little more, some a little less, depending on color. She's hard to glaze because there isn't anything to hold onto! But ohhhh what a nice result!

EDIT: More pictures.... here's a comparison of the original resin and the finished piece:

I chose Miss Pepper to compare with, but actually LO is closer to the size of Roughneck or little Zilla:

Couple more shots of the chestnut, a little closer to the actual color (I'm not good at photo editing and my camera oversaturates a bit)