Thursday, October 21, 2010

Little Welsh Jewels

Thomas Bainbridge has some little Welsh beasties, sculpted by Laura Behning and cast by Donna Chaney/Alchemy, that I was privileged to glaze recently. A truly international effort, Cardiff and Colwyn are finally being seen in their finished form. When Tom asked if I would like to glaze them, I was happy to comply...a new sculpture always carries the excitement of Christmas morning! See his blog for more info:

Thomas Bainbridge Studio

Cardiff in lilac roan gloss

Colwyn in palomino gloss

There were a total of twelve Welsh stallions in this batch, six Cardiffs and six Colwyns. The last three are in the kiln as this post is being written.
While it is always enjoyable to play around with new molds, it is even more fun to work with an old friend, whose past commissions paid for my big workshop (casting and glazing the Seneca run paid to build my big studio and got me out of the garage!! HUG to Tom)
Tom, I will be happy to do any work with you in the future... and I hope that these little Welsh stallions bring you joy!