Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I have been offered a new sculpture, a very exciting one that would bring all of us great joy! So I need to raise some money for it, quickly! Because this is so important to me, I have pulled my VERY LAST Kheer off of my bisque shelf. All of these years, I have kept her for myself, for a 'someday project'. Well, someday is NOW... but she isn't going onto my shelf, she might end up on yours! Kristina Lucas Francis sculpted Kheer a very long time ago, as a birthday present to me, and we shared the very limited castings from one mold. Kristina may have some available... I don't know... but what I do know is that this is my very last one. So I am taking bids until Saturday, December 8th. Highest bid wins. Choose your color, any color that gives you goosebumps just from thinking about it. And you won't pay until the foal is finished and approved by you. Because I love this sculpture so much, it is so dear to me, you know that I will focus all of my skill on making it the best I possibly can. The very best. I will work with you on the color, and together we can choose what will bring out the charm and joy of this little horse. Because she looks exactly how I feel right now... happy and excited! Email bids to mold40 at roadrunner dot com. Good luck!

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